Ivana Lorvic

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Ivana Lorvic Nikolina or Ivana Nikolina Lorvic. She is the most disgusting racist I have ever encountered. This girl trolls Youtube watching a variety of videos commenting with racial slurs. Her comments are pure ignorance and she deserves to be posted on this website. I can’t stand racists and I’m sure you and every normal human being in this world can agree with me on that. Please post the picture that I sent in of her commenting on a video about an interracial couple, I wan’t the whole world to see how much of an ugly human being this girl is. I am not going to refer to Ivana as a woman because she does not act like one. She also commented on a video on Youtube titled “Mom Teaches Cute Korean baby Yebin a Life Lesson”, saying that “the gook [the cute korean baby] should be working at a sweatshop”. Ivana is scum on this Earth and looks like a witch. Please post this stupid girl on your website so she can have a taste of her own medicine.


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