THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is J.R. Walker. He thinks he knows everything and thinks that he\’s the lady\’s man of our small town. Truth is, he\’s a nasty cracked out loser. He\’s 21 and lives at home with Mama. He\’s a cook at McAllister\’s and constantly spits in people\’s food. He gets the freaky on with girls for about two months, lets them get attached, then moves on to the next one. His teeth….well I would definitely call him a \”meth mouth\”. He\’s absolutely disgusting. But let\’s be real, rumor has it, his little champ is only about 3 inches long and he only lasts about 5 minutes in bed. And 3 girls have claimed he gave them genital warts. And let\’s top it off with, he thinks he\’s the hottest thing to walk the streets around here. What do ya think?

Still living at home?  C’mon man.- nik