Jamie-Lynn Sigler Has The MS Limp

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Has The MS Limp

Jamie-Lynn Sigler roaming the streets of Beverly Hills.

Please notice the way she’s walking, it’s not clean. Let me explain why – people with Multiple Sclerosis have what is called a ‘left foot toe drag’. So either she’s self preventing a trip or she cannot feel her legs to walk correctly.

If you ask me, it’s neither. She has relapsing-remitting MS, which means it comes and goes. This is the easier kind of MS, not the aggressive kind. Anyway, Sigler knows there’s a camera on her. So who knows.

FYI – I’m not a fan of Sigler and her monetary exploitation of the disease. Seeing her as the face of Biogen/Tecfidera makes me want to throw up… I don’t even want to know how many millions they paid her.

And don’t say zero or an exchange for free medication – that’s a FULL LIE.


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