Janie Is Back


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she's back

she's back

she's back

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here, is Janie ddbben. She fell off the radar sometime last year, and we were all hoping we had lost her for good. wrong, she is back, in full force, and as always, ready to f*ck. her duck lips just scream: F*CK ME! It’s sad that such a pretty girl can be such a grody skitch, but the real problem with Janie is not that she is a nasty, or a drug addict, or even that she is a whore. all of these things may be true, but the worst thing about this girl is that she is a complete waste. The girl is not smart, nor successful. I can’t think of a single instance that she has done anything of value, ever. All this skeezer cares about is getting f*cked up and getting d*ck. she has no morals, and i don’t think she even cares that everyone in parkville thinks she is a dirty tramp. Numerous times have i seen her “date” a guy just to get xanax, weed, or whatever it is she’s into now. for god sakes, all jack baxter had to do to get it in was have some pills and a hotel room. It doesn’t help her case that she is friends with equally stank sloots, but i guess the familiarity comforts her. Long story short, Janie Dibben is a plague to this area, and should be treated as such.

That must be her ball shaped bong he’s holding.- nik

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