Jason Derulo – Happy Camper At Catch

Jason Derulo – Happy Camper At Catch

Looks like Jason Derulo was in happy spirits the other night. He made sure to take pictures with any fan who asked (like a gentleman).

Last week Derulo and his crew had some serious drama go down on an American Airlines flight leaving Miami. According to Miami-Dade’s Police Department – Jason Derulo and his entourage smelled like marijuana and were aggressive at checking in, refusing to give identification to AA staff and police.

Weird … I’ve hung out with Derulo and his boys on numerous occasions and they’ve never smelled like weed. Also, if they really did smell and act in aggression … why were they allowed on the flight? Something is not adding up.

This feel like racism to me. They don’t want black people to have the American Airlines Concierge Key.


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