Jasper Lynn Is A Dirty Slore


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Jasper Lynn-Dirty whore

Jasper Lynn-Dirty whore

Jasper Lynn-Dirty whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty Winnipeg h*e is Jasper “lynn”. I can’t believe this flat fugly b*tch hasn’t been posted on here yet. This gross ugly sk*nk sleeps with every 30 year old drug dealer she can find to get a quick fix. She has numerous drug addictions and DRD.  Be careful guys. you can fund this dumb wanna be model b*tch at winnipegs night clubs snorting lines in the bathroom, and going home with any guy that has more blow than she does. Girls watch out for this crazy c*nt, she’ll beef with you for the stupidest sh*t, steal your stuff, steal your boyfriend, etc. The words out b*tch haha.

Is she wearing a jock.- nik

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