Javi Marroquin Talks Aaron Hernandez, Says He’s Still A Murderer

Javi Marroquin Talks Aaron Hernandez, Says He’s Still A Murderer

Yesterday, we reported that sports star Aaron Hernandez had reportedly killed himself in prison.

Teen Mom 2 Dad Javi Marroquin took to Twitter to comment on the situation, and it’s clear he’s got some pretty strong feelings on it.

“Don’t even know what to say about Aaron Hernandez,” he tweeted yesterday.

When a fan responded to him, Marroquin stated that, “He was still convicted for first degree murder for loyd. So he was still serving life nothing changed.”

“He was already convicted for murder,” Marroquin went on to add. “It wasn’t in appeals. He hadn’t appealed his first murder. Don’t let the media fool you. A murderer is a murderer.”

Marroquin also commented on the daughter Hernandez left behind, stating that, “Taking away his daughter he left behind , AH is still a murderer. I’m tired of reading about this. I feel for the little girl hats it.”

“But!” he wrapped with saying, “She was going to see her dad behind bars for the rest of her life. Either way she loses. So that part, yes, is sad.”

Marroquin has always prided himself on stay ing fit and in shape. it’s clear that if Teen Mom 2 goes away, he might make an interesting commentator on ESPN.


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