Jed Rees Surprised The Paparazzi Recognize Him

Jed Rees Surprised The Paparazzi Recognize Him

Actor Jed Rees was spotted by the paparazzi shopping in Beverly Hills, and while most stars aren’t surprised to be recognized, Rees oddly was.

When the person filming Rees tells him they “loved you in Deadpool,” he oddly responds, “Oh, geez. How’d you pick me out?” 

Jed, you’ve been acting since 1991. That’s 26 years in the game at this point. Are you really surprised that the press would recognize you? Or is this just a tactic to divert from having to talk to them?

Either way, if you’re going to stay in the Hollywood life, being recognized comes with the territory. If you don’t like it, we suggest a career change.

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