Jenelle Bolts Out Of Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Jenelle Bolts Out Of Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Tonight the first part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion airs and it looks like Jenelle Evans is taking a page out of the Housewife book and leaving the reunion.

As you can see in the clip above, a producer is talking with fellow Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry when she gets a notification on her phone Evans is leaving.

Evans has said the following about it on her Twitter:

 “I was extremely emotional at the reunion and I think the most of it was because I was pregnant but concerned for my son. Behind the scenes drama… I was done filming my part of the reunion and was hungry for hours with a burning chest from heart burn…So I ended up leaving with David and Jace back to the hotel and everyone was trying to keep me from leaving… I just wanted food lol.”

Clearly, you should never get in the way of a pregnant woman who is hungry, even if they’re supposed to be taping part of a reality show; however, it sounds like more may have been at play here, as Evans cited “behind the scenes drama,” “heart burn,” being “concerned for her son,” and being “hungry” all in a series of three tweets.

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