Jenelle Evans Admits To Keeping Something From Jace

Jenelle Evans Admits To Keeping Something From Jace

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans faced off with her Mom, Barbara, in attempt to regain custody of her first son, Jace. While Jenelle sadly didn’t regain full custody, a new custody agreement was reached where Jenelle will be guaranteed to see her son and Barbara cannot prevent that.

Even before Jenelle headed to court to face off with her Mom, though, it seems she made a smart parenting decision to keep something from Jace.

Specifically, Evans kept Jace uninformed of too many details regarding what was going on.

In an interview with People, Jenelle shared that, “Jace recently asked me: ‘When can I live with you again?’ I said: ‘Well, hopefully by the summer you’ll be living here.’ But that’s all I told him – I don’t want him to know too much right now ’cause it’s really detrimental.”

On the custody agreement, Jenelle’s lawyer also told People that, “Barbara and Jenelle settled on a custody schedule that allows them to share time with Jace. The new Order grants Jenelle specific periods of time with Jace so that Barbara no longer has the authority to determine if and when Jenelle can spend time with her son.”

Jenelle has claimed that she will re-visit full custody of Jace in the future. Until then, we are happy to hear this agreement at least gives her guaranteed time with her son.

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