Jenelle Evans And Mom In A Better Place

Jenelle Evans And Mom In A Better Place

Fans of Teen Mom 2 know that Jenelle Evans has had problems with her Mom, Barbara, since Jenelle made her debut on 16 and Pregnant in 2010. Recently, Jenelle’s biggest issue with Barbara has been trying to regain custody of her first son, Jace, that Jenelle signed over custody of to Barbara years ago.

In a preview for the current season that began airing last week, fans see Jenelle having issues with her Mom again regarding custody of Jace.

“You don’t want to give me my son back, so I do not want to film with you ever again in my f**king life,” Jenelle yells at her Mom.

“If I get custody, then you’re going to have limited visitation,” Barbara yells back.

While the tension in the scene is palpable, is it possible that Jenelle and Barbara have made amends?

Photographs shared to Jenelle’s Instagram from this past weekend would tend to make people think that her and Barbara are getting along better. This past weekend was Jenelle’s baby shower for her third baby – and first with current beau David Eason. As is evidenced in the photographs and a short video clip that Jenelle posted, her Mom was present.

While it’s not clear if MTV filmed the shower or not – though we’d tend to guess there’s a good chance they may have – the fact that her Mom was present shows the pair are at least temporarily getting along.

With Jenelle and her Mom’s relationship, things are known to change at any second, but it’s nice to see that in the weeks leading up to Jenelle giving birth, some sort of moratorium on the fighting has been called.

If this changes – and, based on past history, we are sure it will- The Dirty will be the first to keep you posted.

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