Jenelle Evans Posts- And Deletes- Text Proving Her Mom Won’t Give Her Jace

Jenelle Evans Posts- And Deletes- Text Proving Her Mom Won’t Give Her Jace

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been fighting with her Mom, Barbara, for custody of her son, Jace, for some time now.

Recently, Jenelle took to Instagram to share a text exchange between the pair, proving that Barbara will not give Jenelle Jace when she requests him. While Jenelle deleted the post, a Reddit user captured and shared the exchange.

In the text, Barbara writes, “Jace is staying home we r going to beach with gabe and Atlas tomorrow u have had him 3 weeks in a row. Maybe next week.” 

Jenelle responds with, “I’m his mother and he should be with me full time not ‘just for 3 weeks on weekends’. This isn’t fair, but not surprising you saying this to me. You only let me have him when it’s convenient for you like when u need to go out of town or have me watch him. It’s ridiculous.” 

With the text, Jenelle wrote the following caption: “Why haven’t I seen Jace lately? Why hasn’t he been appearing on Snapchat and or Instagram?! Yeah this is what I’ve been dealing with for weeks now… yes going on 3 weeks. This was last week… this week it’s because ‘she made plans with Jace and her friends kids.'”

“Can’t even answer my phone calls so I can have visitation,” Jenelle continues. “I’m telling you guys I’m trying my d**n hardest in every aspect of this situation to stay positive. Gotta wait it out I guess, 3 more weeks… It is what it is and I can’t bash but things I believe will change soon, I hope. #HeartBroken #ICanRelate Thanks @Barbara0230.”

Evans definitely has changed her life around from her past, and it’s clear she is continuing to try to get custody of her son. We will continue to keep you posted on custody updates.

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