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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Jenn Myers AKA Dont hate me cuz u aint me! This girl is completely insane…when i was dating my boyfriend at the time this chick was obsessive to the extreme over him one night when my boyfriend at the time was sleeping she was blowing his phone up with texts and calls…i got online and messaged her and told her “hes asleep stop calling” she said yeah right! so i had the skank call back and when she did i answered the phone and told her to STOP calling..she did but later complained to him about it…the guy i was dating ended up being just another cheating low life…so these 2 got together…naturally but i just wanted to put her on here and let the world know how much of a scum bag she was…going after someone else’s boyfriend and not even caring…and then being sooo paranoid about me that after ive already forgotten the loser she STILL wanted to come at me like im a threat or something…i moved on a LONG time ago…and its clear she hasn’t despite the fact she now has a child with the said loser and they live together…she also thinks she is the most amazing person on the earth and her looks are incomparable to most women…what do you think?

Golum does exist! they coulda saved millions in computer animation.- nik

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