Jenn V’s Mom Pimps Her Out To Los Angeles Angel Michael Napoli

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Jennifer V wants to be a Sports players wife

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jennifer V is at it again trying to land her self yet another meal ticket to her claim to internet fame. Jenn’s new boyfriend is Michael Napoli of the Los Angeles Angels. Poor guy has no clue. Watch out Mike this girl is going to suck you dry and them dump you for the next ball player. We have all seen her do this before. Word around Anaheim is that Jenn’s mom is trying to push her get Napoli to marry her now that they are near bankrupt. Kinda sad when your own mother pimps you out. Poor Jenn so pretentious with no potential, in her defense she’s part of the crowd. Famous for being most faked on Myspace and Facebook is her main goal in life, It’s all she knows. Jenn graduated from Mater Dei addicted to Pepsi she was a regular girl that dream of internet fame or a ring on her finger. But now she is just a wh*re to the all the Sport players Josh, Felipe, Randy and now Mike word spreads fast that her knees spread quick. Note to Jenn if you want a ring on that finger start acting classy and get rid of your sl*tty wanna be myspace famous attitude, and stop posting trashy photos for your so called “fans” Clean your life up and then maybe a guy will put a ring of your finger.

Mike wasn’t the only one she tried to lock down… ask her what her gameplan was 2 months ago.  Mike is just the idiot who fell for it.  I am coming to the conclusion that Napoli is the biggest idiot in baseball.- nik

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