Jeremy Calvert Goes On Instagram Rant, Talks Cheating, Tells Critics To Jump Off Bridge and Die

Jeremy Calvert Goes On Instagram Rant, Talks Cheating, Tells Critics To Jump Off Bridge and Die

Late last night, Teen Mom 2 Dad Jeremy Calvert went live on Instagram and he wasn’t holding back.

Calvert’s clearly had enough of the tabloids as of late, especially with reports about him cheating on ex-fiance Brooke Wehr and rumors he was getting back with Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer.

While Calvert, who admitted he was drunk in the feed, had lots to say, we’ve recapped some of the more explosive parts below. 

On Wehr, he said:

  • “Her f**king somebody that’s married since January…January- she didn’t accuse me of f**king the MTV producer until February 17th, so let’s just do the math of that. That’s quite a while until she accused me of that. She can suck my d**k also. Don’t give a f**k at all.”
  • “She’s trying to stay on her 15 minutes of fame. She can f**king hit the g***amn road. “
  • “It’s pretty bad whenever you keep getting text messages and Instagram messages from people saying she’s been f**king somebody since January that’s married with two kids. It’s pretty hard to rise above it when she wants to act like she’s all prime and proper and then you talk to her ex baby Daddy that just f**king tells you everything that you just don’t know what’s going on that he seems to have proof about… but I’m the horrible f**king piece of s**t. What’s new? What the f**k is new?”
  • “Did I hook up with my finance’s best friend? Yep. Sure did. Was I single at the time? Yes I was. 100%. Was she f**king another man for about two and a half months before me and her friend hooked up? Yup. Sure was. F**king his brains out everyday. And guess what? The only reason me and her friend hooked up was cuz her fiance told her that him and Brooke hooked up so she was pissed off. I was pissed off. I was single. So we hooked up. So no one that can’t comprehend that. I was single. My d**k was happy to do whatever the f**k it wanted to do. And it did. Don’t give a f**k.”

On Messer (and their daughter Addie) he said:

  • “I’m so tired of hearing about f**kng Leah. Me and Leah, we co-parent great. Our daughter comes first. And she knows that I know that no matter what Addie comes first. For Christ’s sake, quit talking about me and her getting back together. It is f**king ridiculous. G***amn… We co-parent fantastic even though MTV never wants to share that. All they want is the negative editing, arguments, fights, disagreements so they can f**king make a show. If you people are that g***amn stupid to not see that, what the f**k is your problem?… It’s not f**king hard to put two and two together people.

  • “(Addie) has a perfect life. And anybody that don’t think that they can go jump off a motherf**king bridge and die for all I care. Zero f**ks given.”

On still filming Teen Mom 2 even though he dislikes it, he said:

  • “And everybody keeps saying oh you can stop filming… at any time you want to. No motherf**kers you can’t. You signed a contract. So no you can’t. You don’t know anything about the contract. So how can you run your d**k suckers thinking you know a g***amn thing about what the fuck you’re talking about cuz you f**king really don’t.”

On critics- and others- on his Instagram Live, he said:

  • “Bunch of bulls**t. F**king People think they know everything. They can fucking fuck off and jump off a f**king bridge and die for all I care. Read about them in the obituary.”
  • “You thirsty a** bi**hes that are on here, go get f**ked… F**k somebody else in your hometown. G***amn, they’re ridiculous.”

Calvert wrapped with signing off and saying, “I’m gonna go to bed and f**king die.”

We definitely understand him being upset, but this was certainly a juicy rant.

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