Jessica Bank

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THE DIRTY ARMY: First off !! She nasty ! Has two kids and lost one to Cps?? Sad bitch ! All I know is don’t trust this female! Gold digging hoe!! Looking for a father for her only son she has now!! She been around!! Always letting different guys spend the night with her & child eww! Get a life girl! Close them legs & get a job!! U can’t always$$your cunt? Girl!! U are ugly!! Idk why u think u all that! Look in the mirror! Four eyedmonster!! Lol stupid bitch! She needs a bag to cover her ugly ass face!! Pay backs a bitch!! Know who u talk shit Bout!! Exposing hoes on the daily!! Quit being a hoe! Homie hopper! Karma a bitch!! Bitchez getting put in blast!! Get off the dicks already!! & take care of your son before Cps comes knocking on your door for your son!

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