Jessica I’m A Horrible Mother Stoinoff

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Jessica lets someone kill her baby stoinoff

Jessica lets someone kill her baby stoinoff

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Jessica in the pictures you will notice the horrible boob job she had done from the change in the boob sizes in the photos ridiculous. She is a huge whore who is very crazy in the head she has like 3 kids one of her kids was killed by her crazy *ss brother who just a few weeks before he killed her baby cut the legs off of a dog why would you let someone like that hold your child family or not. She thinks she is hot sh*t and she is always out at the bar my question is b*tch where are your 12 kids when you are at the bar at all hours of the night? She needs to be put on blast for many different reason but she just makes my stomach hurt.

A portion of her implant migrated to her pits.- nik

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