Jessica Laflamme Need I Say More


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Jessica Laflamme.. need i say more?

Jessica Laflamme.. need i say more?

Jessica Laflamme.. need i say more?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is the dirtiest girl i ever seen. Her name is Jessica Laflamme! I couldn’t call her a human, she’s a half bread wanna be thing. She thinks she’s so hot I don’t understand how she has NO TEETH and it clearly looks like a 4 year old dresses her, but shes needs to wake up cuz she ain’t. She is an ex m*th head from Vancouver she use to sell herself on Hastings just for m*th and cr*ck. Then she migrated to Agassiz. She still the biggest slree out here shes the saying “you can throw a hotdog down a hallway!” She is a compulsive liar! She tells guys that she meets that she has no kids, then shes telling them she has one, but really she has 3! And she got them all taken away! All because she does meth and crack and she cant be a mother and never will be!!! She lives on welfare she says she has a job but really doesn’t and doesn’t pay her rent she gets kicked out of every place she lives in. She still sells herself out in Agassiz and Chilliwack!

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