EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Simpson – I Didn’t Screw Man Out of $12 Million Dollars in Commission Over $120 Million Sale of Fashion Company

EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Simpson – I Didn’t Screw Man Out of $12 Million Dollars in Commission Over $120 Million Sale of Fashion Company

Jessica Simpson says she doesn’t owe a dime to the man suing her for $12 million dollars in commission for the $120 million sale of her company back in 2015 …. with the pop star blasting the man’s allegations her family screwed him out of millions & demanding the judge thrown out the entire lawsuit ASAP.

Last year, a man named Jeffrey Bowler filed suit against Jessica Simpson, her father Joe, mother Tina and sister Ashlee accusing them of screwing him out of $12 million dollars from the sale of the singer’s fashion company.

Bowler explained he made a deal with Joe Simpson in which he would be paid a 10% finder’s fee if he could find a buyer for The Jessica Simpson…. which Jessica sold in 2015 for a reported $120 million dollars. He admitted he did not have a written contract with Joe due to the deal being made on the phone over 10 years ago.

The man said he was the one who put Joe in touch with the buyer and even arranged the meeting and helped finalize the deal for the parties.

A rep for Jessica released a statement at the time stating the singer “has never met Mr. Bowler nor has she ever had any dealings with him whatsoever.”

Back in October, Jessica headed to court blasting the $12 million dollar lawsuit calling Bowler and his case nothing more “despicable attempt to extort millions of dollars from world-famous celebrity, entrepreneur and fashion icon”. The singer said that Bowler maliciously added her sister, mother, longtime business manager David Levin and father in an attempt to emotionally blackmail her into a quick settlement. She denied there was any agreement with the man for 10% of the sale price and pointed out that Bowler cannot even remember the year the alleged deal was made.

Interesting to point out … Jessica said that following this alleged deal being made over the sale … her father divorced her mother and ceased his association and involvement with the Jessica Simpson brand … and any oral contract made 8 or 9 years ago expired long before the company was sold in 2015.

Then on January 4th, Jessica and her father Joe headed back to court demanding Bowler’s lawsuit be thrown out of court ASAP. The singer responded to the lawsuit by denying each and every allegation of wrongdoing in the complaint. She says that Bowler has not suffered or been injured by any action of hers.

Jessica points out the man did not even have the required license required to solicit prospective sellers of purchasers of a business opportunity, which is required per law. She claims he lacked the authority to enter into such an agreement on her behalf.

The pop star and her father say that enforcement of the alleged oral contract and/or promises is unconscionable. They are demanding his $12 million dollar lawsuit be thrown out and he be awarded nothing. They are also seeking to have their attorney fees covered by the plaintiff.


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