Jill Anjuli Hansen Keeps Threatening Suicide On Facebook


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Jill Anjuli Hansen keeps threatening suicide on Facebook unless someone gives her $$$$

Jill Anjuli Hansen keeps threatening suicide on Facebook unless someone gives her $$$$

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jill Anjuli Hansen was ranting on Facebook that she was going to kill herself. This happened a couple months ago also. Shes a hot surfer chick that needs constant attention and drama while blasting everyone for ruining her life and not giving her money. Hates her dad for not ever giving her a car or money. She posted a picture on FB of a bottle of pills and said goodbye. A lot of people messaged and tried to consult her and she just argued with them that she needs $$$$, not friends and a car and if she cant be a celebrity surfer or model she wants to die. Bla Bla Bla. She even said Kelly Slater is Satan and a p*ssy because he doesn’t love god. I’m sure that’s going to go over well in Hawaii. I’m sick of hot chicks expecting everything handed to them and complaining when there isn’t a sugar daddy available. She deleted all the pics and messages the next day and didn’t even have the integrity to apologize for the crazy suicide threats that people were concerned about. F this pathetic crazy B*tch.

People like Jill are pathetic, they live their whole lives based on how many “likes” they get from people they don’t even know. Attention wh*res never pull the trigger.- nik

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