Jill Zarin Pays People To Monitor Facebook Comments


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, would you be so kind and let Jill Zarin know that paying someone to help her keep her facebook fan page clean, is pathetic. I have a friend who gets paid $25.00 an hour for monitoring and deleting all the negative nelly stuff that Jill Zarin haters post. She told me she was gonna start taking her time so she can really make some money. She works up to 10 hours a day and on Thursdays, sometime 17 plus hours. The reason she has to work so long on Thursday is because after the show airs, Jill’s FB page gets slammed so my friend is extra busy. She has STRICT orders from JILL to BLOCK any person who makes NEGATIVE comments. (I couldn’t believe this so I tryed it, I too am now a blocked “FAN”…. As a matter of fact there are a lot of people on her FB page that are complaining about their comments being deleted, however because they are making comments, it’s obvious they haven’t been blocked yet. The other HW don’t do that, why is Jill Zarin trying to control something she has absolutely NO control over? Hey Nik, tell Jill that no matter how much money she pays someone, the message the haters have will prevail! Jill Zarin is a mean girl who thinks she can BUY her way out of a pickle…Well Jill get ready to break the money train, because after this you’re going need to hire a lot more staff to DEFEND your FB page. Thanks in advance Nik.

I tried it and I got blocked.  All I said is that Jill had fat arms and that the camera makes her look about 20 pounds heavier… it wasn’t even bad, it was just honest.- nik

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