Jillian Flatbutt Lapham


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Jillian FlatAssLapham

Jillian FlatAssLapham

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jillian Lapham, the BIGGEST liar, conceited, dirtiest, and FAKEST person in Reno. I’ve never met anyone who needs such a huge reality check as she does. She’s the definition of a FB wh*re. Her life revolves around drama & if they’re is none, she’ll have no trouble creating some. ALL she talks about is how skinny she is, how she doesn’t eat, how some guy wants her to model..HA EW, how she wears push up bras….just to get attention. No one gives a f*ck. It’s extremely obvious anyways, she has the smallest boobs I’ve ever seen and HER *SS. She thinks that’s the biggest thing in this world. She thinks she’s HOT SH*T with her DRAWN ON EYEBROWS that look TERRIBLE!! She goes from guy..to guy..to guy. Basically has them lined up after she f*cks one and goes psycho on them. This girl needs some serious help. She doesn’t know the meaning of a real friend and loses them left and right these days. She has to be the center of attention, when in reality everyone could care less about what her annoying, complaining, sl*tty *ss has to say. I just wish someone would put her in her damn place.

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