JJ Is So Punk Rock


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THE DIRTY ARMY: SO nik here’s John Shanahan. Or you may know him as “JJ”. the oh so punk rock” guy around. Well, lets point out his flaws, shall we? Anarchist? as you know him, yes. But he’ll be willing to sign his soul over to the marines, just for the money. Why give up your beliefs just for a bit of cash? Playa? from hell. He’ll be on one girl for a few months, then start cheating on her with the next one I’ve seen it happen three or four times, after a while, you loose count. Ass hole? well. Of course! For instance, JJ lost his cigarettes. He convinced himself that his roommate must have stolen them, so he stole his roommate’s pack and held them hostage. When JJ’s roommate told JJ he didnt know where his cigarettes were and that he didnt take them, JJ proceeded to open his roommates pack and drop all the cigarettes on the ground. Then JJ found his pack in his room… and didnt say sorry and refused to pick up the cigarettes he had stolen from his roommate. His ego is the size of the fcking empire state building, but no one likes him anymore, because all he does is hide away, and fck his new gal, jessica Who knows how long this relationship will last. You know, it’s sad to say that someone can be MORE AWESOME when they were on drugs. Now he’s all sobered up, he mopes about how shitty everything is, and still can’t get over himself, even though he SUCKS. so please, rip this guy a new one.

That’s a really fitting tattoo for him.- nik

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