Will Joanna Krupa And Other Instagram Models Hit The Jackpot

Will Joanna Krupa And Other Instagram Models Hit The Jackpot

Nik, according to new legal documents Joanna Krupa is not owed a dime for the use of her face being blasted on advertisements for an adult swingers club (so say the nightclub owners) who are blasting her $33.4 million dollar lawsuit by arguing she made herself a household name by taking off her clothes and knowingly posed for many sexually charged and risqué photos voluntarily over the years.

Earlier this year, Krupa and several other models sued the companies behind the Florida-based swingers club, Velvet Lifestyles and My Three Yorkies, accusing them of illegally using her faces to promote the nightclub and demanding $33.4 million in damages. The club is a private members-only club marketing and catering locally and nationally to people who engage in the swinger and spouse sharing lifestyle. The models explained the swingers club used their photos to advertise the club in hopes individuals who participate in the swinger and spouse-swapping lifestyle will be incited to visit the club after seeing models like Krupa being to promote the business. They said the defendant’s unapologetic, chronic and habitual infringers and point out they never paid a dime to purchase the images nor did they get approval.

The advertisements in question make it appear that the models was contracted to perform or participate in events at the club or that they “endorse” it’s swinger or alternative lifestyle events and other activities offered by the club. To make matters worse, the club allegedly posted the photos on their website and social media that were featured next to hardcore pornography images. The hardcore photos were to show potential club patrons the activities that take place at the business including gang bangs, explicit simultaneous 3-on-1 anal and vaginal penetration, and anal penetration using inanimate objects.

The ex-Real Housewives star pointed out that her career depends on her reputation in the industry and that’s how she makes her living. She listed her accomplishments as appearing on the cover of Playboy, been a lingerie model for Frederick’s of Hollywood and having graced the cover of numerous magazines over the years along with multiple TV and film credits. Krupa said the club has used her photo numerous times and even for such events like “FCUK ME FRIDAY” which had a disclaimer printed on the advertisement saying “we’re not disguising the purpose of this party at all … (ok, maybe a little bit)”.

The models sued demanding damages for lost profits and false advertising in the amount of $5,575,000 each from both Velvet Lifestyles and My Three Yorkies along with $11,150,000 in punitive damages per company for a grand total of $33,450,000 they are seeking in damages for the illegal use of their images. Then earlier this month, Velvet Lifestyles headed to court and fired back at Krupa’s lawsuit demanding it be thrown out of court. The nightclub argue that despite Krupa’s claims of the generalized offense at the use of the photos, she was aware of the nature of the images when she posed for the risqué photos.


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