Joanna Krupa Is A Perfect 10 Again

Joanna Krupa Is A Perfect 10 Again

Joanna Krupa was spotted at the 3rd Annual Art For Animals Fundraiser at De Re Gallery in Los Angeles, California.

We’re not even going to lament over how gorgeous she looked, as that is just par for the course at this point.

She also was quite charming to the paparazzi, who asked her about the ease of walking in her heels.

“It’s easy,” she shared. “I’m used to it.”

And what about dancing in them?

Krupa shared that, “Oh, heck yeah. If you’re drunk enough you can. If there’s enough alcohol.”

Interestingly enough, when someone else asked for her reaction to being called the Polish Paris Hilton she said she didn’t have a comment.

Krupa is definitely a socialite at this point, and always looks like a perfect 10. She’s absolutely on our scouting report.

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