THE DIRTY ARMY: Jocelyn Luna or As Alot of People Know Her….. Jocy Luna. This TJ Wankster Is Nothing But A Hoe…. She Claims To Bang TJ But Really She Doesnt Know Anything. She Simply Looks Like A Frog!!!!!! ha Shes A dike But Yet Shes Taken And Swolled Alot Of Dick. Shes Fat And Also Has No Ass. This Girl Has No Future. She Is A Big Failure. I Would Be Embarrassed To Even Be Seen Around With Her. She Thinks She Knows Alot , She Also thinks Shes Facebook Famous. Ahahahahah This Girl Just Makes Me Laugh. Her Pussy Is Stanky Her Breath Is Bad And She Talks like A man. She Still Thinks Shes Hot Though. When She Goes Out To (Party) She Wears The Same Clothes!!!!!!! hahahahah A Fatal Shirt And Some Black Jeans. Ehhhh Shes Just Simply One Of The Many Hoes In Reno.

What look is she going for, an apple?- nik