Jocos Ashley Pittman

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girls name is Ashley Faith Pittman, she has to to be the biggest WHORE, THEIF, METH HEAD and LIAR in Johnston County. She is just 18 years old and has already been locked up and has several lacrney charges. She stole all her friends and their parents jewlery, and scrap metal. She even has a governers warent out for her arrest for stealing in Virgina. Her 25 year old boyfriend got locked up when she was 15 because she got pregnant, and she was cheating on him the whole time he was in there. When he got out she was so strung out on mth and pills she would stay with him in VA and come down here to be with her other meth head boyfriend on the weekends. When i tried to confront her about all her lies and bullshit she pepper sprayed me and drove away. She has been in and out of mental health her whole life, this bitch is legit crazy. STAY AWAY FROM HER! She is a gold digger, and a snitch and from what the rumor says she has Gonerehha. She is a NASTY BITCH! – STAYYY AWAAAYYY!

Hides her front but is quick to show her backside…just saying.- nik

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