Jody And Mia “Claman” Claim To Be So Rich And Proper

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so here is Jody Claman and her daughter Mia, have you seen this show? Its absolutely brutal, the woman are not rich as far as what Vancouver really has for money, Jody out of the cast is the biggest cow, hates on everyone and has her huge nose so far up her own ass. Well funny how Jody talks about how woman should be respectful always yes at Christina’s Birthday, the ladies house it was held at she hugged that womans husband and fell on the bed with him, what kind of apparent proper woman does that, no one gives a f*ck if your his friend forever, proves that she has no respect, especially when you she knew it was being filmed, so the rules change when it comes to herself. Mia is one of Vancouver biggest pepsi wh*res, she is out all the time till sunrise doing drugs and rolling around with her ugly ass friends that all have fake everything, and her friend Jordan in the show is apparently her personal assistant, this girl has been trying to be a actress for like her whole life and she goes on the show as that? Nice way to end you career that never started anyways, why would you want to look like there bitch when everyone knows your just Mia’s friend and her and her mother don’t have personal assistants, So Mia and Jody have been sharing the same Hummer since like 2004 and still only have that one vehicle. No one thats that rich would still be driving that and sharing! Mia dates drug dealers and actually is not a chef and hasn’t even launched a site yet for her clothes, doesn’t have a place in London and lies about it, is sad that they are on this show since they don’t have alot of money, more like in debt, ya they luve in West Vancouver but its an apartment and 5 people live in it. Owe ya and Mia got some work done finally, her huge ass nose got fixed but still she looks like a ugly bonde witch, she needs more work than shes got so far, her lips i have to say look better they used to be paper thin. What do you think of Jody and Mia? since you like blonde would you get down with either or if you were not married to your beautiful wife? Almost forgot, Mia can’t talk about bullying, she gets in more physical fights then any other girl in Vancouver its all a show on tv, far from reserved and kind.

The show is not on in the states so all this is gibberish to me.- nik

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