John David Saunders

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This scumbag piece of shit alcoholic used car dealer rip off artist, uses every women he meets for money & sex until they wise up & dump his ass! he also beats all of his women & gets charged for it on multiple occasions and always ends of beating the wrap because he is a confidential informant for the police he used to be my best friend until he ripped me off like all the other people in his life this welfare bum gambling addict owes me thousands of dollars for mortgage payments on the house i sold him,I let him stay there when his daughters were in his custody because i felt sorry for them until his ex wife dummied up & stole them from this piece of work he used to feed his kids from the dumster while he ate from restaurants & blew all his money on booze & the casino,this alcoholic piece of shit is intoxicated 24/7 & buys written of cars from auctions & resells them to un suspecting customers rip off artist extrodinare,he is also a sexual devient & will fuck anything with a heartbeat including crak whores & transexuals i have seen it 1st hand this scumbag even fcked & fathered kids with his own sister then tells his own kids that they r their cousins what a sick fck!! when i found this out along with the fact he was a rat that was it last straw I even have the papers to prove it the word is out john david saunders.

Save your charity for ‘Good Will’.- nik

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