John Leguizamo- Bloodline Doesn’t Jump The Shark

John Leguizamo- Bloodline Doesn’t Jump The Shark

Recently, actor John Leguizamo appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of Netflix’s Bloodline‘s third and final season.

When talking about the show in which he is one of the stars, Leguizamo said, “We’re picking up where the mayhem left… where a murder happened, we know who did it, we just don’t know what the consequences was gonna be. Now we know how the payoff comes…One word- karma.”

“Obviously nobody wants a final season,” he added of this being the last season of the series, “but I think it does well for the series, because then it keeps it really tight and it doesn’t jump the shark.”

We’ll miss Bloodline, but it is nice when shows go away on top, rather than being played out forever.

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