Johnny Manziel – Disgraced NFL Star Boozing It Up For 2 Days Straight in Miami, Fitting End To His Troubled 2016

Johnny Manziel – Disgraced NFL Star Boozing It Up For 2 Days Straight in Miami, Fitting End To His Troubled 2016

Nik, Johnny Manziel isn’t slowing down the party train as the year comes to an end … with the former NFL star turning up for 2 days straight in Miami … which is a fitting end to his troubled 2016.

The ex-NFL has had quite the year with numerous police run-ins, failed rehab intervention attempts by his family & friends, countless lawsuits filed against him, car accidents, being dropped by multiple sports agents & his attorney and never setting foot on the football field this season … which is the backdrop for the disgraced football star’s year, whose reputation suffered greatly over the year due to his inability to pull his sh*t together and put down the booze.

The NFL banned him for the first 4 games of the season earlier this year … for violating the league’s substance abuse policy … which would have been punishment if Manziel wasn’t a free agent or had any interest from a NFL team, with interest in signing him fading quickly due to his numerous troubles. His family made public pleas for him to get help for his issues.

Despite numerous promises he was getting his life together and his belief he didn’t have a problem with drinking or drugs … the once promising NFL star failed to keep his word and continued to get himself into trouble throughout the entire year.

Manziel started off the year with his then-girlfriend Collen Crowley calling police following an alleged altercation between the two. The tumultuous relationship turned worse when Colleen sought an order of protection against her boyfriend fearing for her safety. He eventually turned himself in on charges of domestic violence and narrowly avoided jail time last month in the case. The court ordered him to complete anger management and attend domestic violence programs.

Manziel has been slapped with numerous lawsuits over the year … accused of trashing multiple Los Angeles mansions & not paying the bills, breaking the nose of a Texas bartender and numerous other suits still pending.

It looks like Manziel has no plans to slow down in 2017. He flew to Miami days before NYE to start the party days early. He checked into the Versace Mansion this week and his social media posts have shown him partying to the early hours 2 days in a row.

Manziel is his own worst enemy and he’s the only person that can get himself to slow his roll and start to focus on a now unlikely football comeback … however, it doesn’t look like he’s ready to leave the party anytime soon.

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