THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, last year as a freshman I didn’t join a sorority and all my friends that did made all these new friends and always bragged about how cool it was to be a part of a sisterhood.  Long story short, I decided to pledge this year and it by far has been the worst idea ever.  First the hazing to join them was the worst week of my life, having to act like a slave and someones little b*tch was not fun at all.  And now that I finally got in it has got even worse.  Having to party all the time is not my thing but what has really made me mad is how they set us up with other fraternities, make us do drugs and get super drunk so we have to sleep with a bunch of douchebags.  My freshman year I only slept with 4 guys and this year so far I’m at over 10.  Its disgusting how they force us to do this, I totally feel like I’m getting raped on a weekly basis and this is not the life I want.  Not what I expected and very disappointed.

Stop crying and quit before your #sleepnumber hits 69.- nik