Jonathan Cheban’s Friend Anat Popovsky

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, so here we have a wannabe pretend socialite heiress designer stylist [add in any SELF proclaimed title you can think off] whom goes by the name of ANAT POPOVSKY..unfortunately she’s neither…The only title she can really claim is delusional single mom. Anat’s fantasy has always been to be the next KIM KARDASHIAN, unfortunately given her upbringing in the russian housing projects made it tough. Finally moving out of the brooklyn ghetto and into the slums of Florida [to a 1 bedroom apartment with her parents…AND SON] she embarked on her dream.

She pretends to be an heiress to some fortune meanwhile her dad works as a bellboy/valet service [how lucrative] at a hotel in south beach [womp womp NOT SO RICH!]… You might ask HOWW she gets this imaginary money?? Well Nik it all started with an “innocent” blowjob to a married basketball player which ultimately led to a couple of “innocent” blowjobs to a couple of married basketball coaches… If that doesn’t sound scandalous enough the next part is TO DIE FOR!! So we all know JONATHAN CHEBAN [Kim Kardiashian’s “straight” GAY bffl] well Jonathan is willing to go to great lengths to keep his sexual orientation a secret. Apparently sources have disclosed that Anat gets a hefty sum every week for pretending to be his arm candy. Well Jonathan’s Boyfriend is NOT thrilled about it and is on the verge of leaving him. If this doesn’t sound pathetic enough JONATHAN goes on random gossip blogs daily to submit articles about there love affairs obviously not disclosing his name but rather titling it as “from a close source”. Unfortunately what the articles fail to mention is her 5 year old son.. where is he? who takes care of him? Isn’t he missing his mommy? YES everyones wondering the same thing.

I don’t understand why Jonathan hides his gayness? Don’t be ashamed Mr. Chebanshian.- nik

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