Joselyn’s Doctor Is Not That Great

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so, I am a big fan of your site. Am on this crap more than my desktop at work. I stumbled upon this chick Joselyn who I actually went to school with. I remember her being cute growing up but not HOTT and sexy like now. It seems to me that the pictures posted about her having a great doctor are just bad angles and maybe even photoshopped to exaggerate they’re point. Here are some other pictures from the same events, different angles and her nose doesn’t look anywhere near how it looks in the pictures they chose.  I’m pretty sure she did get it done but it wasnt as bad as that picture made it seem. I noticed in the butt of the image in the other post her butt is smudged (photoshop) and it was taken in 2011 from her import tuner shoot, yet this pic of her butt I saw, was taken in 2010 and her butt while not big looks plumper and somewhat perkier than in 2011.What do you think Nik? sounds like possibly a female chick is out to get Jocelyn.

Spanish Nanny, please put your teeth on the list of next procedures. I decided.- nik

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