Josh McCready From Nashville Is Really Mad At You

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JUNIOR VARSITY: Nik, this guy is mad at you because as we all know that “This Douche Had To Read A Book About Picking Up Girls” and here is a direct word for word email he sent you:

“You mother f*cker. Im going to come to Vegas and kick your f*cking face in. I can’t believe you would allow your dumbf*ck team to put me on this stupid site. My sisters good name is being tarnished along with people talking about my girls t*ts. Let me tell you something, here in Nashville we don’t play. We take boys like you out in the alley and f*ck you in your ass just to watch you sqweel like a pig. I want my post down in the next ten minutes before your ass is mine. Do you understand? Do you? Your whole world is going to be turned upside down. Thats a promise!! And for your information ass wipe Making your snide comment that I can’t pull no p*ssy that I have to read a book. I get more p*ssy in a week then you have probably gotten in your life. Thats right B*tch, a new h*e everynight. F*ck You Punk.-  Josh McCready”

He emailed me a couple times saying he was in Vegas trying to find me and I invited him to meet, but he flaked.- nik

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