Judge Throws Out Hernandez Murder Conviction

Judge Throws Out Hernandez Murder Conviction

The Aaron Hernandez story could finally be coming to an end, as a Judge has officially dismissed his conviction for the murder of Odin Lloyd.

According to Yahoo Sports, Bristol County Judge Susan Garsh made a ruling this morning that sided with Hernandez’s estate and made Hernandez “not guilty” of murder. This was based on an old law that claims that a verdict will be “vacated” if a defendant “dies while a conviction is still in the process of appeal.”

In making her decision, Garsh said that, “Abatement is the law in this Commonwealth and this court is required to follow that precedent… the Court has no other choice.”

As those following the Hernandez saga know, he killed himself last month. While prosecutors felt that Hernandez knew about this law- and that this may have been a reason for his suicide- the Judge made the decision she did based on the pre-existing law.

Reports did note that Odin Lloyd’s family was in the courtroom when the judge announced her decision and that they were visibly upset and left the courtroom in a rush.


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