Elvira and JRL??

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is this Elvira hanging out with self proclaimed super douche JRL?? And who is the blonde with them?  And I’m sorry Nik, but I’ve seen enough evidence to know this guy is a pimp.  He bangs the hottest of the hottest, please lie to yourself and say something bad about him.  Thats why he declined to come on your radio show.  He is too big time for that.

Justin please stop submitting yourself. Nobody knows who the f*ck you are and nobody cares. You stalk dirty celebs just to be posted on TheDirty… you’re pathetic (FYI- get a new belt, rocking the same Hermes belt everyday screams broke ass loser).- nik

**And for the record you were never invited to be on the radio show. Easy on the delusions.