Kail Lowry Talks Where Chris Lopez Is

Kail Lowry Talks Where Chris Lopez Is

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry has been getting a lot of questions regarding Chris Lopez, the father of her third child.

While there’s been tons of rumors surrounding him (and Lowry), she finally took to Twitter to answer one question about him.

A Twitter user tweeted to her, asking, “How come I can’t find Chris lopez on twitter?”

Lowry responded with a very tongue-in-cheek answer, claiming that, “Idk maybe he went into hibernation.”

The answer definitely made us laugh, as it’s clear Lowry is being sarcastic with her response.

Recently, we exclusively talked with Lowry regarding a report that claimed Javi Marroquin would be the father of her child legally. She told us that “This is not Javi’s baby. Period.”


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