Kailyn Lowry Picks Baby Name And Gender?

Kailyn Lowry Picks Baby Name And Gender?

Since Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry announced she’s pregnant, everyone can’t stop talking about who they think the father’s child may be and what gender the child will be.

While Lowry has stated numerous times she doesn’t plan on revealing this, fans are continuing to ask. So did she finally break and offer up anything?

On Twitter today, Lowry was asked- for what may be the zillionth time- “Girl or boy?” 

“I don’t know until birth,” she responded, confirming what she’s said before about not finding out the gender until she gives birth.

While the father of her child didn’t come up, Lowry did share something about the name of her future baby- the fact that she doesn’t like any names she has thought of so far. Specifically, she tweeted, “Ok still no baby names I love.”

If Lowry does offer up any further details on her baby, we will be sure to keep you posted, so stay tuned to The Dirty.


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