EXCLUSIVE: Kailyn Lowry Responds To Sex Tape Rumors

EXCLUSIVE: Kailyn Lowry Responds To Sex Tape Rumors

Recently, reports surfaced online via a “blind item reveal” that alleged Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry may have been involved in an explicit tape.

Specifically, the rumor that appeared on Crazy Days and Nights said the following: “The Teen Mom who can barely move her face at this point made a little homemade threesome video. The woman in it has it on her cellphone. So far she has not tried to sell it because she thinks the Teen Mom still prefers her over the Mom’s most recent boyfriend. Not Farrah.” They then “revealed” who the blind item was about, claiming it was Lowry.

While the rumor started to garner some attention, it sounded suspect and outlandish to us.

Lowry took to Twitter to slam the rumors, tweeting, “Y’all aren’t seeing any sex tapes of me. Idk where people come up with these rumors ?.”

We reached out to Lowry about the ordeal and she exclusively told us, “People make up anything and people will believe anything.”

We definitely feel for her, as it seems like she can’t blink her eyes without someone taking to the internet to write a story about it or criticize her.

Keep your head up, Kail!


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