Karlee Larsen of sumner WA


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THE DIRTY ARMY: me and this girl was engaged for 2 years and from the beginning i had a bad feeling about her. well we had 2 kids after we met. long story short she likes to get dicked down by a few guys a week like in the 10s, while we were together she promised me love and care and to always be honest. she will lie to you and swear up and down she is telling the truth and you believe it after a while. well she fuked her friend and her boyfriend while with me and lied and kept it from me. later on her friends boy friend told me and she still tried to cover it up. she loves to flirt online and skype sex. from what her friend told me a month ago she was going to come back to be with me in florida and i was ok with it, well her friend recently told me that shes had a different guy every night and them be there while we were on the phone talking and me telling her i love her. guys please she doesnt have many girlfriends because none of them like her because she is devious, she only keeps guy friends and thats for a reason, if you dont watch her she will tell you she is going to spend the night at her friends or families house then turn and be with a guy. she is very dispicable as a mom too i have our daughter( thank god) she has our son and she is whoring out in front of my son…….. nik bro put her ass out there she is a big time slut…… ps i found out when she was in high school she fuked some dude in the pool part of the skate park. she is dtf and watch out she has some shit because recently she talked about her pssy sweeling up like a baseball so thats an std for sure!

Her push-up’s giving her chest crack, very similar to the butt crack (without the hole).- nik

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