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THE DIRTY ARMY: Ha! This is Cody Williams, the pathetic ass loser who just keeps getting trashier and trashier. Karma finally caught up with his ass last night. After leaving a party from which he did nothing but steal things from. In his pathetic attempt at an escape tried to jump a fence and impaled his ignorant ass through the leg. Which got him a trip to the hospital and then yet another trip to the hamilton county justice center where he will be spending quite some time at for all the shady shit he has done like never paying any child support on any of his 3 kids, stealing from anyone and everyone he knows, beating his children’s mothers, not being able to keep a job, or cheat on his girlfriend through various dating sites, spreading sdrd’s, and just being a flat out failure at each and every single thing he has ever tried to accomplish. And i mean EVERYTHING!!! Karma finally hit his ass now though and will be even worse by the time it’s all done. He doesnt even have a clue of half the charges and shit that are about to hit him while he rots in jail, but oh you can bet your ass he will. You cant be a complete piece of shit and get by with it…..and your ass sure as hell isnt feeling like your too damn lucky now are ya buddy?????? And congrats to all the pathetic losers who hung out with him and thought he was cool and a nice guy. How you like having that im a dumb bitch look on your face there bryce??? and the rest of the classless losers support group. But i guess if you’re almost 30 and still working in a bar/rest your life’s goals and ambitions aren’t working out for the best for you anyways????? nice mug shot, huh??? lmao!!!

Interesting gobble.- nik

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