Kat Von D Wannabe


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Kat Von D Wanna B

Kat Von D Wanna B

Kat Von D Wanna B

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik ,this is Christina Faig, (fg) or as she puts on facebook “Eff”, I wouldn’t claim that last name either. She really thinks shes the hottest thing on earth, she thinks she looks like Kat Von D. This was my girls dudes rebound b*tch, cause she was 18 and EASY. She gave him DRD when the first dated, she’s a nasty trifling little sk*nk. She cant get over the fact that my friend and her man got back together 7 months ago, she stalks them when they go places, she tries to follow, she has emailed me and a few other friends, posted pics of my girls dogs and her online, she runs her mouth as she drives down the road. And now she shows up at his window while they are in bed, at 4am so her underage drunk ass can get shun again. Shes had chances face to face to do something, but she chose to cry and run home. Dude she only dated dude for 5 months, which aint got sh*t on my friends 6 yrs with dude. She just cant get over it, she really thought she was “That” girl that can steal any girls dude, lol. Thats what she got for thinking. Im so sick of this fcking lame ass chick, get the fck over it b*tch..you got played. You’re 19 and you didnt see it coming. He didnt even take her out on a date or off his street before he fcked her, lol. She’s a trashy whore that no dude wants to take home to mom and dad. And my friend has put up with a lot over this b*tch, and she don’t deserve it. She has spent 6 yrs with dude, not 6 months, she didn’t email Christina’s friends, or post pics, or stalk them while they were dating. needless to say The b*tch got arrested for underage drinking when she showed up at their house the other night banging on the window. And the Cop said he was gonna suggest counsling, cause she obviously has issues, lol. You would think a 19 yr old would have plenty of dudes to pass her time with, but no, she’s hung up on a 26 yr old dude, does anyone else see the BIG picture?

You know things didn’t go well if someone pulls out a camera after sex.  They’d be DA strong, that’s for sure.- nik

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