Kate Bosworth Gives Nothing To Work With

Kate Bosworth Gives Nothing To Work With

Kate Bosworth was recently caught by the paparazzi at LAX… and really gave them nothing to work with.

While we understand the paparazzi can get annoying to have in your face all the time, they also have a job to do, and you can at least TRY to answer a question or two.

Rather than do that, Bosworth kept a very stoic face on for the majority of the time the paparazzi were trying to talk to her, barely uttering a word to them.

They even asked her for her perspective on Syria, which she refused to answer.

In contrast, D.L. Hughley gave an awesome response when asked about Syria and President Donald Trump.

Sorry, Kate, but we just don’t think you’re A-list enough to more or less completely ignore the press. You have to earn that rank, and you’re just not there yet.


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