Katie Kicko And Her Boyfriend Think They Are Carlsbad “Gangstas”


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello my lovely Mr. Richie, I’ve been waiting to post Katie a while now but couldn’t find any pictures of her but AHA ! found em’ .. This is Miss Katie Kicko from Carlsbad aka gold digging meth head slooter.. I just cant stand this girl she’s thinks she the most beautiful most smartest perfect girl in the world when in reality she had mad problems this b*tch looks like a really bad drugged out drag queen.. she thinks she’s all g*ed up gangster style with her loser 29 year old bee killing boyfriend who also thinks he’s a mad drug dealer.. she talks mad sh*t but can never back it up SHE PSYCHO! She left her ex boyfriend of 4 years because he was over the party scene and wanted to get his life together not even a week after she left him she was already moved in with this douchebag named Bryan Mason but to be honest she’s only with him for his mommy and daddy’s money (he doesn’t even know this guy is stupid).  They drive around Carlsbad with drugs and guns like there rap stars or something but the thing is there white trash.. They post pictures on face book with money and guns as if it was cool and “hard” I guess it makes people feel scared of them it just makes them look retarded and pathetic.. Katie clams to be so classy and so mature and she has her life together so well but anyone who uses a guy for his parents money and drugs should be BLASTED on here … anyway please post this so San Diego can know who is really hiding behind this drag queens beat face.

Carlsbad is an upper class society that doesn’t believe in Gangsters. Sorry Katie, but these pictures make you look like a poser.- nik

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