EXCLUSIVE: Katt Williams – Alleged Assault Victim Accuses Comedian of Dirty Legal Games

EXCLUSIVE: Katt Williams – Alleged Assault Victim Accuses Comedian of Dirty Legal Games

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Katt Williams is accused of playing dirty legal games in the lawsuit accusing him of battery and the alleged victim has headed back to court demanding the judge order the comedian to sit down and be grilled during a deposition.

Last year, Katt was sued by an actress, Jamila Majesty, accusing him of organizing a beat down and claimed he was involved in Wiccan sorcery.

Majesty explained she went to the comedian’s Malibu home 2 years again. She was invited to the home and when she arrived, 5 other women were there and things quickly went south after she used the bathroom.

Katt immediately told her that “no one uses [my] bathroom” and then the other women began punching her. She claimed the beatings lasted for 3 hours … during which she lost consciousness several times, was left bloodied and the comedian even burned her in the fact with his cigarette.

One of the women involved in the beat down … allegedly had a book open which contained the “teachings on sorcery and spells” and that she had a fire that was being fed “unusual things”. Majesty was eventually able to escape around 1:30am and drove home without calling the police … fearing what Katt would do. She sued for assault, battery, emotional distress and false imprisonment.

Then on April 3rd, Majesty headed back to court filing a motion to compel Katt to be grilled under oath during a deposition.

She accuses Katt of disrespecting the law the same way he viciously assaulted her back in 2015.

During the case, she says she has attempted to work with Katt’s lawyers to secure a date for a depo. The comedian allegedly said he would not answer questions due to his testimony possibly incriminating him. He then agreed to sit down for a depo but demanded his transcript not be shared with law enforcement.

She is demanding the judge order Katt to sit down for a depo in the case and to sanction him for his refusal to appear without the court order.


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