EXCLUSIVE: Katt Williams Alleged Ex – Accuses Comedian of Screwing Her Out of Concert Tour Money

EXCLUSIVE: Katt Williams Alleged Ex – Accuses Comedian of Screwing Her Out of Concert Tour Money

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Katt Williams’ alleged ex has headed back to court slamming the comedian in court docs … accusing him of intentionally cancelling a series of shows all to screw her out of an alleged 45% cut she was to be paid.

Last year, the comedian’s alleged estranged partner, Eboni Gray, filed to annul their domestic partnership despite Katt calling the legal battle nonsense.

Gray claimed in court docs that she was with Katt from 2010 – 2011. She filed seeking spousal support even though unions that are annulled don’t usually result in support payments being made to the other. She accused the comedian of being of “unsound mind” when they were together. Sources close to Katt claimed the woman’s allegations were insane and she only worked for him during a comedy tour back in the day and only for a week

Then recently, Eboni filed new court docs claiming she recently learned new information about Katt’s alleged antics.

She explains back in 2012 the two entered into a partnership agreement which was formed to solicit and procure shows for the comedian … in exchange she would be paid a salary and other compensations. Eboni says she held up her end of the deal but Katt screwed her out of her cut. She says he breached the deal by cancelling shows and refusing to pay her the agreed upon commission for her work.

Eboni claims she served as Katt’s agent for a period of time and for some of the deals she was to be receive an ownership interest along with 45% of pay based on revenue from his performances.

She accuses him of intentionally retaliating against her by cancelling a series of live shows … knowing it would screw her out of making any profit from the performances in question. Eboni is demanding monetary damages plus interest along with restitution for all money Katt wrongfully pocketed.


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