Katy Perry Announces New Album And Tour

Katy Perry Announces New Album And Tour

Katy Perry fans, it’s time to rejoice, as the artist just announced that she’s back this year in a major way- with a new album and a big tour!

This morning, Perry made the announcement that her new album, Witness, will hit stores June 9th. It’s not surprising a new album was announced, as Perry has dropped a few songs on iTunes as of late. This will be her first album since 2013’s Prism.

Along with the big news regarding the album, Perry also announced that she will be doing a large tour to support the release.

The tour will kick off in September in Ohio and wrap up in February in Vancouver. Interestingly, everyone who purchases a ticket to the show will automatically get the album included with their purchase.

If you’re a fan of Perry, this is definitely going to brighten up your Monday.



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