Keisha Is Built For Trouts

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a response to “IT IS VERY OBVIOUS HOW KEISHA KIMBALL WON”. Not just a response, an acknowledgment. I agree Keisha shouldn’t have won the contest for Ms. MuscleMag. I also agree with you Nik, that she shouldn’t have gone to California. She should have gone to Miami, more lame photographers are there who would pay her to build their portfolios. Better yet, she should have figured out how to make more money than what she is now. A mistress… She is already banging trouts for the right price anyways…. I’ve known since day 1 when she was in Dallas that she was sleeping with anyone who would pay her $1,000 or more. She is the down graded version of a Playboy bunny every TROUT would want to bang for that price. But Keisha does these shoots to fill in the empty space of her security. She is the most insecure person I have met with no self esteem at all. She won’t make it as a model, she won’t make it anywhere if she doesn’t accept the facts on how she can ring in the most money… bang for your buck sweetheart. And do shoots on the side… ones that will ring in more trouts. ORRRR maybe that’s what she is doing already? I doubt she’s smart enough. Keisha might as well accept the fact that all she can be extremely successful at, is a CLASS B prostitute, that all these trouts can sleep with and get the fantasy they’ve always wanted… a playboy bunny, without the beautiful face. Just a butter face with a plastic body and nose. Also Keisha… you’ll eventually get sick of promoting yourself on Facebook and twitter one day. You’ll want it all an easier way. Just helping you speed up the thinking process.

Keisha told me that she moved to LA to become a successful model/actress (mattress). So your story doesn’t really add up?- nik

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