Kelli Keeps Trying To Break My Marriage Up

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kelli from Houston, Tx. She is a dumb little wh*te that has been sending my Husband dirty pics and text messages for years now. I almost think she started sending stuff trying to destroy our marriage which she almost did. She knows I know about her and will not leave us alone, it’s like she gets bored and decides to text us. She will not do or say anything for months at a time and then will send a pic asking what we think of it. We have even gone 6 months and I think a year one time with no messages from her then one will randomly come up. I have tried to call her and talk to her with text but get no where. I want more info on who this dumb little sloot is so I can get back at her and get her to leave us alone. BEWARE this is a lying manipulative little b*tch and it sounds like she is doing this to a lot of people not just us! Please put her on blast Nik!! .  Click here to see some hearts. 

I can tell why she crops out her face.- nik

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